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Submitted on
March 23, 2007
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what is it?

Is it...
the pain,

Its been said,
life sucks.
For many.....
and it hurts.

The ones that lost a parent,
there heart was torn away....
What is she to do?

The one that changed to home schooling...
She has problems with friends.
Now she cant find any......

The one whoís friends are now doing drugs,
There losing close friends......
They change  to,
smoking and alcohol

The one that is alone most of the time.
He is only known mostly threw the net....
Other than that heís really unknown....
Whatís he to do?

The one that almost died.....
I donít have to say any more with this one.

They are in so much pain,
it hurts to think on.
i guess the question is.....


Why all this.
Will it end......
Will I or they live,
to see an other day?

Its way to hard!!!
Life hurts......
It seems we are waiting to die.


Why, you ask your self,
the tear roles down your face.
Looking at the ground,
things pass.....
you never knew what you missed.

The thing is......
We ALL almost never made it.
We ALL had our times that that was it.
We ALL were so close to death........

But we live.

Threw the pain....
and Destruction.

Life sucks....
It never is nor will be fun.
You scream......

This is our lives.....
These are the things we go threw.....

Lose of friends,
Lose of a loved one,
and worst of all......



Because you never gave up,
you kept going.
Threw the all the pain life deals.
You hurt inside but you still walk.....

You look back and see only sorrow.......

The fact is......
Your ALIVE!!!!!

Threw  all the pain,
and suicide.....

Your alive.....

You see your parent left you,
but you still love them....
There alive, and
Your alive!!!

You changed to home schooling,
you lose your friends.....
there still there, it takes time....
Your alive!!!

Your friends started on drugs.....
You look at them, theyíre going to change.....
your free, you can find new ones.....
there always there, and that chance is because.
Your alive!!!

Your alone all the time.....
On the Computer.....
Cant find any one.....
well you can.
Your alive!!!

You almost ended it.....

Life has given a second chance,
many never find this....
But the thing still is.
Your alive!!!

You can keep going!!!
you made it this far,
why quit?

Still donít think so.....
Take this thought then.

How mature are you because of this?
How much more can you help people?
How much more do you know your self?
How much do you care?
How much do you see?
How much do you know your self?
Can you find what your looking for?
Can you find love?
Can you find your heart?
Can you believe?
Can you understand life?
Can you touch others?
Can you be trusted?
Are you strong?
Are you caring?
Are you passionate?
Are you YOU?

If you think you canít.....
Youíre sadly mistaken!!!

you can answer yes to them all.

To those that have learned from them selves....
I thank you..... but,
more importantly,
We ALL thank you.

You inspire us all,
We will fill you shoes one day.
And things will be better,
for every one that we will touch.......

This is our realm.....
some say its not worth it.
Other say weíre not worth it.
And some....... give up.

The fact to me is,
I wouldnít have it any other way

I have found so many people,
and I care for them,
and they care for me.....

Reason to end it......

Not the question

Reason not to......

This is for those that have been threw this, life is hard. But in the end we all are still here, alive at that. We donít have friends, we have family...... We donít take anything for granted, we take every thing like its our last. Love is what we truly know, and friends are there for it........

My life isnít easy, nor is any ones..... but we will continue to fight this till we emerge a new person, strong, radiant, caring, and never take any thing for less than it is.......

We are all unique........ donít let any say your goth, or emo..... they will never understand who you are.....

Only you do.

Dedication goes to:

Those who dedicated them selves to help others,
Those who are in the mist of this pain,
Those who understand.......

And to the memory of those who never made it........ They will not be forgotten.


This took about an hour to write....... (+ half for the this lol)
it could have been even longer hahahaha but i think its long enough...... don't you? J\K Well i hope that the message in this one speaks load and clear...think it speaks many at a time.... and thats also what i was going for...... its many poams in one, so look for the separation and the individual meanings to get the large one lol. I like this one, defiantly one of my best..... inspiration came from so many people, manly my coz, who i love dearly...... thank you i can see and take in so much because of you..... i love you!!!!! And i am doing great ^_^ (yes i said it.... hahahhaha) I am doing well and i thank all of you that are helping me, and to thoughs that i am helping, i learn from you all......... heh, STAN YOU THE MAN!!!!!!!!!!! (hes the one that died and i never sead good by too....... *srug* had to say some thing in his memory hehehehehhehe)

Thanks............. you all keep me here,
i cant be thankful enough.
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NaomiWulfeh Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2010
this made me cry so sweet and true =')
saasn Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2010

i like your idea about life

ya like it

DreamAtOpenEyes Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2010  Student General Artist
woo amazing!!
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Why thank you very much ^_^
Maechen444 Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2010  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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Thank you. I hope love and beauty find you at times, too.
LoceImicaMornie Featured By Owner May 30, 2010
I dont know if you looked at the date of that piece but it is ageing. And believe me it has. Every one but one person made it through what that poem talks about.

Maechen444 Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2010  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
LoceImicaMornie Featured By Owner May 22, 2010

Even a simple thing like that can mean a lot.

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